I No Longer Have Tingling in My Feet

When I told my doctor that my feet and toes were often tingling, he tested me for a few different things. He wanted to rule out diabetes, which I did not have, thank goodness. His final diagnosis was sciatica, which is a symptom of a herniated disc that I have. He wanted to do surgery, but I was hesitant of that and wanted to know what my other options were. He told me that a chiropractor in San Jose might be able to help me without the need of medications or surgery, and he referred me to one that he had even used himself.

I was scared, but it turned out that I did not need to be. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I honestly did not know what they could or would do. The examination itself was very easy, and I was happy when my chiropractor discussed my treatment options with me. I thought that it would just involve him giving me some kind of adjustments, but it turned out that was just one thing on the treatment plan list.

He told me that ice therapy helps a lot with pain that is associated with sciatica, because it helps to reduce the inflammation. He also explained how ultrasound will help along with a TENS unit. After explaining what these two things involve and how they would help me, he then went on about the adjustments. My first question about everything was the level of pain that was involved. I was already hurting and uncomfortable, and I did not want to be in a lot more pain than what I was already. That is when I got the best news of this entire ordeal, in that there would be no pain associated with it. I followed his treatment plan, and I no longer have the tingling in my feet!

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